Kaushal Sewa Sansthan


Kaushal Sewa Sansthan which was earlier known as Bodha Computer Services and Training Centre, establish on 21st October 2000. It is registered to bring a revolutionary change in the field of Information Technology. The organization start's the computer course 'CCC' & 'O' level affiliated with the NATIONL INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY( NIELIT ), GOVT.OF INDIA, New Delhi due to the keen interest of the students from tribal areas and villages in IT / Computer field. Many of the students benefited by this scheme of the organization. This helped the students to know their capabilities, abilities, enlighten with the knowledge which help them to get employment and earn livelihood.

The Organization work for almost thirteen years in the field of Information Technology, along with this, the organization also made efforts to minimize discrimination among different caste, sects, awareness towards increased criminal offences, low ratio of girl child, sexual discrimination, indifferences among different sections of society, lack of knowledge about the rights, drought crises and other natural calamities and disaster's.

The organization works in favor of the poor section and uneducated section of the society to benefit them in computer education, upliftment of the disable candidates, overall development of the children's, youth and old age people. The organization also works for awareness about environment, empowerment of women, medical and health issues. The organization tries to approach the poor section of society, women, youth, schedule caste and tribes, minorities and bring a change in their life style and works for their development and betterment which gives rise to healthy society and provide equal opportunities for all sections of society.

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Our Mission

  • To bring a total social and economic development change though committed & fully devoted people.
  • Overall development of ST/SC/OBC and minority and educate them for the protection of environment.
  • To empower the poor, downtrodden, untouchables and female, socially, economically, politically and spiritually so that they can raise their voice independently to fight for their rights.

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